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    Default How should I move forward?

    G'day gentlemen.

    I have made previous threads about this girl I will be talking about before and I would appreciate the same level of constructive feedback I received before.

    The Past
    Me met freshman year of high school, I always had a feeling she was interested in me. Did not really respond/pursue further.

    Transferred to another high school one city over during sophomore year, for the next three years until graduation we only seldom chat online and met up once. (She came to my school to hang out)

    I began chatting with her more often as I started college (kinda far away). She goes to a community college back in my hometown. We begin hanging out (either just us or with other mutual friends who I knew back in my first high school) every break when I'm in town.

    Some IOIs(maybe?) she has given me: Arm around shoulder, linked arms when I said I was cold, greeted me once by hugging me around my waist.

    On a side note, she has gone through 2 boyfriends during this time, and in the past, would talk to me about her problems and what not, but recently (in the last 6 months, she stopped bringing it up). We talks more about her goals and future now.

    The Present
    I like her. I guess it really started when we went to the movies last fall (just the two of us) and after the movie, we just sat in her car and talked for hours. So earlier this summer, I decided to step it up a notch and make some moves.

    I began hugging her every time we meet up. We went to a party and we got a picture of us together. One of her friends commented on it and said cute, she replied with "i know he is hehe" and I said "and together we're sexy 8)". She didn't comment back.

    A week or two after that, I was going to be back in town for the weekend and I decided to give her a little test. I asked her when she was free and she said she was probably going to the lake with her friends on Sunday and I said that was the only I was free. She ended up meeting me on Sunday and we had lunch and watched a movie.

    For my birthday two weeks ago, she wrote "Happy Birthday Kirin, ily <3!" on my Fb. I texted her later that night saying "Thanks for the message, ily2! " She responded with "You know that ily!!! You're the best!"

    Another time, out of boredom, I texted her saying I saw someone that just looks just like her. She replied saying "she must look hot then" and I said "Yeah, shes definitely hot but not sexy that's how I could tell she wasn't you " and she didn't reply.

    At this point, I'd say she doesn't really text me to start a conversation, I have to be the one to text her before we get a conversation started. So it confuses the heck out of me if shes interested or not.

    Last Night
    We went another party. We had a couple drinks, played some drinking games. Decided we along with a couple other people that we wanted to go clubbing, went out and found like 5 cops outside so we couldn't sneak in (we are both 20). The others who were 21 went in to bring us drinks and we decided to walk around the block in the downtown area. While we walked, she had her hand on my waist and my hand around her upper arm and we kept talking, no awkwardness.

    When I left last night, she said thanks for spending time with me and I said "I love spending time with you" and we said good night.

    Oh yeah, recently in one of her texts she wrote "I am avoiding my ex right now" and I said "I thought you two are together still" and she said "Naw. He's nothing to me." Yet last night I'm sure i heard a male voice on her phone making sure she was not too drunk after the party we went to. When I asked if it was her brother, she said it was a "friend".

    Did I mention she always pokes me on Facebook?

    Anyways, what do I do now? I confess, I never had a girlfriend before so it might be obvious to you when my next move should be but it's not to me. Do you think I should just tell her I want to be with her?

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    Default Re: How should I move forward?

    kiss her already...

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