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    Default Beginner needing help?

    Okay so I'm on vacation right now with my family and earlier today I approached a girl at work (ice cream shop) and opened with a question about a theater play that was going on just to break the ice. It turns out she wasn't really a local here and is just working here as a summer job. We then turned the conversation to the nightlife that goes on around here (which didn't look like much when I got here, it's like old people retirement heaven), and she told me that usually there was a party going on but she didn't know what was going on tonight. Towards the end of our conversation I was thinking about going for the # close but didn't think I built up enough attraction yet for when I did get her number she wouldn't respond back/pick up the phone. So we exchanged names instead and then I left her with "I might come by later tomorrow to see if plans have changed yet." (Referring to a possible party)

    During the whole like 5 or 6 minute conversation we had, she was giggling and playing with her hair but never held eye contact for more then like 2 seconds. She even extended her hand to introduce herself when I asked her name and seemed happy. (shy?)

    Now I plan on going back to the ice cream shop and maybe chat her up a bit (if she's there) and see if she maybe wants to hang out after work. Maybe a lil late night swim and then sum? I have a pool right outside my condo I'm staying at.

    I was wondering if I could get a play by play from you guys on what you would do in this situation? From opening the set to closing, if your vague like "build rapport and blah blah blah" I need some dialogue lines so I can get a frame of reference. I have a few days left so ... CHOP CHOP! jk but I could really use some help

    Edit: When I asked her what the nightlife was like here? She started giving me some bar names but then added she couldn't go so she didn't know what it was like but I told her "yeah same here, I'm not old enough to get in." And she had this little suprised look on her face as if she thought I was older and then giggled a little at what I said. I swear it was like everything I said she had to laugh right after and it wasn't like ROFL or LOL she just like giggled to herself and would repeat a word I said like 'nightlife' and then just add on to what I said. I'm 19 and she's probably either 18 19 or 20 because I don't know many high schoolers working summer jobs away from home.

    p.s. I'm pretty high right now
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