Do let me tell you about me first, I am a guy that looks like I have it going for me. I have an athletic body, was an above average football player in football and was liked by many of the cutest girls in high school. The thing is I did not know what to do, I always got all the time, "That girl wants your dick.. She has the hots for you.. Etc. But I didn't know what the fuck to do, so i would always make up an excuse due to my insecurity or what not. And now I am about to start college and I don't want to create all those regret of not hooking up with those chicks that wanted me. Long story short I was clueless and didn't take advantage of all those IOI's. It's ironic because I was a pretty much the stud in high school minus the girls because I was afraid to fuck up my rep. I need help, now. I'm not afraid to talk to girls, I just don't know how to talk to them. Once it comes to guys, they fuckinf look up to me. I'm a cluelessass AFC.