This one's a little complicated. Basically, I met with a friend in a restaurant to sign up for a party, and I found him hanging with this girl. It was a little difficult to game her with my friend watching my every move, but I managed to get several IOIs with her and got her number. At the party itself, didn't see her much, but when I did, I gamed her as much as I could, getting a few additional IOIs.

Now, ever since the party, we practically stopped communicating with each other. Got no more of her GMs (which was abundant in the week leading up to the party). That absence went on for almost a month.

Couple days ago I decided to add her on FB. As expected, because of her HUGE social life, I don't have much to go on. I can tell that she's always busy as hell with friends and heading out to other open parties.

So here's my problem. I'm finding it VERY hard to find a time to start chatting with her. I tried last night (when I finally saw her go online), but because of how late it was, she was apparently "too tired" to chat and stopped responding after a while. I pretty much know exactly what to do to game her, BUT my problem is timing. Guys, like I said, this girl's social life is enormous. How do I get her attention? Me, a guy she's only met in person for less than a day. My only advantage is that I got a good number of IOIs and managed to give no DLVs. But I need to give her a reason to see me. Show her that I stand out. I plan to ask her out since she lives very close to me anyway. I have no choice but to GUESS a day she might be free, since I have no way of knowing this girl's busy schedule. She has her eyes on a guy already, fyi. And this guy runs most of the open parties she goes to. Don't know if this'll add to my troubles or what.

What would you guys do in this situation?