Hey guys, I am new here and I joined for a certain situation I am currently in and need help with. Ok so a week ago I walk back from a party wit some buds and we meet up with my buddies sister and her friends to chill. ( weird I know) my buddies sister is hot and she is all over me or least I think haha ( I was pretty drunk). I always ignore her because I am a good friend haha. Her friends are pretty hot so I start chatting them up and a short blonde catches my eye. She blabs about how she has a boyfriend and I just say that doesn't matter. She says " I know" and then " add me on Facebook". I tell her to add me because I might forget but she says no I have to add her. She tells me her name atleast 7 times and says " don't forget". Two days later I add her on fb and she writes on my wall " u remembered me! ". I replied with " miracles do happen ". She goes to her cottage for a week and then I send her a message on fb: "hey babe what have you been sayn lately, we should chill sometime ". She replies with " I've been at a cottage (L) haha and ya it was weird how we met!" I reply " o true, and Ye it was haha, you should give me Ur number and we can set somthing up soon". Then she replies with " I have a boyfriend if you didn't know but I do want to hangout as friends". What do I say to this? I am better looking and cooler than her BF but i don't know what to say... Can you guys help me out?