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    Default Girl has boyfriend with her...

    Okay so I work at this bar & grill in town here and tonight towards the end of my shift; I made eye contact with this woman that was easily an HB11 (if there was such a thing). Anyways I was walking by her table, which happened to be a high table that sat at eye level with someone standing, and we made eye contact while I kept walking. She held her gaze with the most seductive look in her eyes. Even when we'd lose sight of eachother through the people sitting at her table, she just followed my movement and never broke eye contact. I just remember thinking to myself "Holy sh1t, is this girl for real?", and broke eye contact with her when I saw her boyfriend put his arm around her, and then give me a dirty look like it's my fault! ON the other hand though, that had to be the sexiest look I've ever seen on a woman's face. Like once we made eye contact she just changed her whole facial complexion to this SEDUCTIVE look, where it seemed like I was in a trance. Oh and did I mention that she was gorgeous!

    What could I have done to open with that, besides "mind me clearing this table for you?" Or should I just focus on not flirting with the customers?

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    Default Re: Girl has boyfriend with her...

    u should have gone for it cocky and funny style "i noticed that u noticed me and that u can't stop noticing me , i noticed that u have something on u're face (neg)" then whipe it off, then leave the next time u go to that table u opinion open her or her group and amog the boyfriend.

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