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Thread: Texting help

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    Default Texting help

    Been on a couple dates with this girl, both times back at my place. Second time I actually fell asleep before we had sex (douche I know). So we text back and forth like always and I text her this:

    Me “You give good blow jobs, sexy J
    Her “What kind of comment was that?
    Me “A compliment?” “and a pet name”
    - 24 hrs pass
    Me “Hey how’s the party”
    - 1 hr pass
    Me “I’m gonna fall asleep soon, so if you plan on randomly visiting me again, you gotta let me know” – (she texted me before about being by my place and meeting up, I was with another girl)
    Her “Just so you know: the comment you made the other night was a turn off, not a compliment
    Me “I know sorry, I though we had a better relationship”
    Her “Well come on, that’s not a compliment….that was such a random comment that caught me off guard”
    Me “Sorry, didn’t mean to offend, I kinda like you actually
    - 24 hrs
    (we had planned to hang out Thurs) Me “If you wanna hang out tonight, great, if not, I’ll see you next week, keep Thursday open, got something special planned”
    - called and left a message 2 days later
    - then 2 days after that, texted this:
    Me “ guess you’re not interested anymore, sorry it had to end, I’ll just take someone else for Thursday”

    What should I have done? Any chance to fix it?

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    Default Re: Texting help

    you shouldnt have texted that blowjob dont just out of nowhere text that.....that is a text message you put while already texting sexually things.

    so if you would have started out fun and playful and then transitioned to something more sexually escalating and then sometime put that, then maybe it would be ok.

    another way to make it not a turn off would be to use ur textanese. you need to learn what things you can put to make it less serious.
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