New to this site BTW...

Alright I met this girl on an online dating site and brought up fb in messages, then requested her on my fb she added me. Chated on that for a couple days got her number. We've been texting about two weeks so far. I'm not having long text conversations with her but communication stopped after I asked how her little girl was doing a few days ago. She sent me another text two days later.

Her - Whats up
Me - Hey doing some construction work. Been thinking of you...
Her- lol oh ya

It's been two days since this and I haven't sent her anything back. I would like to keep her interested but I've got alot going on and distance is an issue. I'm currently moving and starting a new career right noe but I'll be ready to pursue a relationship with her in a couple of months. To add more problems to this sit...she has a kid that she leaves with her parents while she goes out >>>she's going to bars with her sis on the weekends.

I know she's getting hit on at these bars. I mean damn this chick looks good!! So I'm really going to need a badazz text game to keep her interest over the next two months till I can think about trying to set up a meet. I know thats a high order...any suggestions on what kind of things to text/say?

At this point no talking has been done.