Hello people.
I've been lurking for a while now.. reading stuff.. decided to create account to ask and search for inspiration.
I don't have any success with women yet. At 28 years old turning 29, I'm still a virgin. embarrassing right? or anyone here or anyone you know is worst than me?

Maybe because I don't have many friends. and I am super shy. I have social anxiety. and even if I'm around friends that I'm comfortable with, I don't talk too much. It's just I don't know what to say or don't know how to tell stories. I don't know how to make people laugh. I mean if I'm around my friends, there's no pressure for me to talk because they know I'm a silent type guy.

Now what I want to ask is.. have you guys been there? or is anyone here exactly like me and had a transformation in few months or years?
I'm planning to buy "the game" or "Myths and Master".. but not sure if they have similar stories like mine or if they can inspire me..

and from all the AFC info I said about me, is it even possible to transform myself into an Alpha Man? I mean from boring to developing humor to make people laugh? or from silent type to being talkative and cool?

Now, I"m looking for something like a testimonial that it can be done.. maybe you've been there before or you know anyone that is exactly like me and transformed into an alpha male . A cool alpha male .

So any inspirational stories you have will help. or any books you know to inspire me.

Thank you.