I am gaming a girl some time now. that I have met on facebook and we have been talking for some time now. .I was not able to get her phone number and I decided to go to say a quick hello at her office and to meet her also physically..I stayed only 10 minutes verbalizing that I had an appointem,ent and it was not right to keep her from her work. It worked and we exchange numbers or I should better say we exchanged business carts in order to make her feel safe with me.Any way I texted her yesterday (I was suspecting she was out for the weekend) the following ''I will be on summer holiday starting from Tuesday.If you are still in town why do not we go out tonight for a drink to a place close to the sea?'' She replied 5 or 10 minutes later ''I am out of town with my boyfriend and we will return on Tuesday afternoon.See you in another moment''I then texted her back'' ''The message was not for you.Sorry wrong number!''

By now rethinking it again I should had texted her like ''I am at place X tonight having fun with me my friends.Meet me there if you want'' Secondly I regretted not having used RJ boyfriend destroy line in my second text message like ''The message was not for you.Sorry wrong number!.But please we have just meet and you have already started talking about your problems.That is not so polite!'' Anyhow, do you guys think I passed this shit test with my second reply? Additionally, on a website I noticed that on Wednesday is her birthday on planer Mercury ! I have noticed that negs always hook and work on her when I am using them her.So I am thinking to text her '' Happy birthday for your birthday on planet Mercury!How does it feel to be a woman of 116 mercurian years? '' or some think like that(need to fix the line in order to include a neg or a teasing)What do you guys think? .Did she shit tested me yesterday and how good was my second reply(''The message was not for you.Sorry wrong number!'' ) ?Any help or thoughts fixing my mercurial birthday text message??