Hello there, now the books that iv read have all told me plenty about fisrt dates but none seam to refrence(or at least not in enough detail) what i should do when that fisrt date was done without meeting the girl in the fisrt place!

essentially its the days of techknowledgy isnt it! to this point (and i wouldnt say im a great PUA if at all a PUA furthermore i wouldnt say im very expeirnced) all my fisrt dates with girls have always gone well but always iv met them prior to this for all the lovely meet greet attract close fun! problem being we've talked only via soical networking sites and text! in otherwords shes meeting me through what i assume is attraction but iv normaly played the mystery method, and that means iv skipped over some stages or at least i feel i have!

look the issue i have is i dont feel i can do the fisrt date as i normaly would becasue i think/feel that a fisrt date is differnt without that inital meet ina club/bar/outing anywhere that i had a chance to seduce. im missing that.

i always treat my FD's(fisrt dates) from scratch to rebuild the connections but thats the issue i havnt had a connection, not an in person one, is that a problem do you think? what do you guys think i should do, or how d you think i should act to keep the date as normal, or am i just over reacting and just carry on as usual. im up for any advice or critisim(apart from spelling! ha!)

on a side note, id like to add im not stressed about this date going well becasue shes a hotty, just more so to the idea of going in and making a hugemistake that i didnt need to make!