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    Default How to respond to her rejection

    So I've been playing the field a little bit and received a couple of rejections.

    What are the best ways to respond to rejection after asking

    for a phone number?

    or to be more than friends?

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    Default Re: Rejection

    Rejection is part of the game. The best way to handle rejection is just take it as a lesson learned. Look back at what you did, what you could of done better, and just develop your game a little stronger and better next time. Every night I can always do something better or something different. It's a never ending experience.

    My buddy had the WORST rejection ever the other night. To start off, he really has no game. He is extremely shy and doesn't know how to talk. I am trying to help him out but he's a difficult case.
    To begin with, I was not with him this night. Otherwise I would of gave him advice off the bat. He went out with 2 of his buddies. Met a girl. He talked to her for that night, ended up getting food with her after the bars closed, and then walked her back to her apartment. Right when he told me this, the first thing I asked was, a) how did he open up talking to her, and b) how long did he talk to her for... He said that his buddy opened it up, unsure how, and then a total of 2.5 hours he talked with her. I already know that it was WAY too long to talk to her for 2.5 hours. He just ended up looking needy and desperate and clinging onto ANY attention that was given to him. He was doing all the chasing, chasing her to get food, chasing her by walking her back to her apartment. So anyway, to continue, he gets to the girls door, and asks.. "Can I call you someitme?". She looked up at him, shook her head and said, "no". Closed the door.
    Another thing wrong he did was ASK to call her. Never ask. Always state that you want to continue the conversation or whatever at another time. She will offer something. That doesn't give her a chance to say no.

    See, from every rejection, and even every success, you can see what you did to get to that result. Rejections are a part of it all. The worst thing that will happen to you is you are rejected. Get rejected 6 times, get back out there 7 times. It's natural.

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