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    Default HB9, things got awkward. WTF??

    So I met this HB9 at her work awhile back, got a number close, and got her out on a date with me a few days later. The date went well, we were exchanging amazing eye contact and talking in innuendos before dinner was through.

    So after dinner, I brought her to my place to play pool and have some drinks (a few shots of Jager each), and one thing led to another. We ended up making out on the pool table, and fooling around a little bit with hands only. (no sex) We were doing this for sometime, when suddenly started asking me, "Wait-- did we do anything(sex)?", like as if she suddenly had no memory of what had happened the last few minutes. I was confused, but laughed, said no, went back to what we were doing. After a few more minutes of fooling around, we were getting to the point of advancing to sex, when suddenly she asked me again. At this point, I was of pissed, and no longer in the mood, so I pushed her off me, and took her home.

    The next morning she calls me, somewhat in a panic, asking whether we had sex, what happened, etc. (Because apparently she was blackout drunk, whatever.) I told her we had just fooled around, didn't go all the way. She started questioning if she could trust me/ if I would ever lie to her. So I went into detail about it as much as possible, told her how she got all weird half way through and so I ended it. She starts saying how embarrassed she is and that she is so sorry. I assured her she was enjoying it as much as I was. She was still just deeply sorry. I left it at that, ended the call.

    So I wait 24 hours to text her, and just give her a simple "hey" which she is always very responsive to. Within a minute, she replies, "hey.", strange, because she usually takes 20+ minutes to reply no matter what, never gives short answers, and ALWAYS includes a smiley face somewhere; so I know something is up. I was going to try and meet up with her that night, but she has a busy work schedule. I ask,"What are you doing tonight?" and just as quickly as the first response, she replies with,"work.", another short answer. I reply with a, "Oh, lame. Nevermind." and let it hang. Still haven't talked to her since. This was a few days ago.

    I'm not sure what to think about all this. We didn't have sex. She was really enjoying what I was doing, basically up until the point where it should have escalated to sex, but then she started acting strange.

    I am wondering if I should just give up on her because she freaked out, or try to contact her for possibly another date, so that she doesn't feel like I was just trying to use her for sex.

    Please help me get a read on this girl. I'm stumped. Any expert advice would be much appreciated.

    PS: I also posted this on the 'How to Text a Girl' forum, but was not getting many responses. This version has more detail.
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    Default Re: HB9, things got awkward. WTF??

    well, i think she's just in the same head space as you are ( more or less ). the thing is she feels extremely embarrased of what happened that night. go ahead for another date/call, just make sure it won't go down the same road as the last date went.

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