Im studying psychology in a class of 33 girls and 8 boys. THe university is a small world, so I find gaming a girl dangerous. I dnt fear rejection but I do fear it in the Uni. Because imagine gaming a girl, and then something goes wrong and she blows you off. The girl is gonna talk about this to her friends, and your value is reduced. And im making myself largely noticed as the only one not coming with a bag, just a notebook tucked in my back pocket. This was the first issue. THe second one on the other is more lifestyle changer. I dnt know what it is, but girls find it difficult to approach me. Im not arrogant but I kinda always had problems being friends with a girl so if a girl is not so good looking Im turned off and have nothing to say.And if a girl is good looking I cant help but to flirt with her! Is this a good thing?
Please guys you gotta help me hre.