so I've seen this HB9 at the gym a few times and i go up and talk to her and i get her number. She's flirty and talkative and wants to hang so we hang out and there was a big connection, we Hung out for a really long Time just talking and going places. I go to her house later the next day and we just chill then.

I leave her house and go home and the next morning I text her and she starts being short because she just started college, works and she just doesnt like Texting very much.

so i go to her house a few days later and were just talking outside her house and stuff and her mom calls and she has to go and do something for her so she hugs me bye but i grab her arm and pull her in for a kiss as she is about to walk inside. she turns her head as i go to plant one on her and says that she just wants to be friends. so i say goodbye and leave. 1 minute after i leave she text me saying, "Im really sorry i just dont want to be in a relationship:\" i reply to her saying, "well we could still go out on a date and have a good time without being in a relationship. I'm not trying to force you into anything, i just wanted to see where i stand and now i know"

she was in a long relationship maybe more than a year and a half. what should i do from here, do a Freeze Out and see if she texts me back before the day we were supposed to go out or what?

i could use some advice on this please, if you need more info let me know i will elaborate