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    I'm a long time reader and i would like some help
    If there was any way that I could solve this I wouldn't write on this forum, I contacted a lot of men and lots of women to help me . So please use all of your knowledge and experience and positive energy to help me. I had a lot of women and I have never had situation complicated as this. This is one of the few women i ever honestly cared about. The situation is as follows.

    She is a perfect 10 ! appearance and personality !
    The girl was studying a year abroad and it was hard because she was depressed because she had a boyfriend at home and connection to the remote did not go and have a bad experience with it. She is by nature self-effacing, does not talk much, does not show emotions and it's kinda a difficult person. She returned back to her country, we met and we started to have fun without commitment. Since we had a great time together after two months we decided to spend two months together on a spring brake. Those two months was not fairytale like since I had high expectations and she had a difficult life situation in which I do not want to talk about here.She was cold to me during the day but during the night she was all over me. Now we're back from vacation and have 10 more days until her return to study abroad . When we were together she is realy cold torwards me but trough sms she gives me a hint that she still want me and that she feels something for me. Also her kisses are passionate so i know thats he feels something. The biggest problem is, whenever I want to talk to her and tell her that I want to be with her no matter what happens she goes very cold. Everything indicates that she doesn't know what she wants or she is afraid that when she goes to back to college i'll leave her or cheat on her. Bro, I value and appreciate all the PU PU knowledge but you have no idea how much I care about these girl. Also, she is not in the town at the moment so i can't just knock on the door at any moment.
    As for the relationship at a distance I could always come there almost every week over the weekend.

    Wan Interest me the most is what is happenening in her head . Is she scared of commintment , long distance relationship, is this a sh1t test (Maybe she wants to know if i'm willing to go see her every week) or something like that.
    I want to know how to start that conversation so I can explaine to her that I care for her and that it's no big deal for me to go ther every week.

    If any of you had a similar relationship should Please write what happened.
    Sorry for spelling english is not my native :P
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    Default Re: LIFE DESICIONS

    She is a perfect 10 ! apearence and personality !
    Think the statement over. This statement robs you of clear judgement of the situation and clouds your inner game. Also, it contrasts with and is flat-out canceled out by your descriptions :

    1) When we're together, she is really cold towards me.
    2) She doesn't know what she wants.
    3) She is afraid that when she goes to back to college I'll leave her or cheat on her.

    I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like a perfect 10 personality to me.

    you have no idea how much I care about these girl
    Oh, but we do. You care way too much than she deserves.

    I had high expectations
    This sort of thing happens when you cling on to a certain outcome. More often than not, you don't get the desired thing to become part of your life with this kind of mentality.

    I can explain to her that I care for her and that it's no big deal for me to go there every week.
    1) You don't explain that. EVER.
    2) It SHOULD be a big deal. It's a lot of financial investment in the relationship that may or may not be returned. And what you're implying is that you're OK with the fact that she won't be coming to your town to visit you.

    What is happenening in her head.
    Not your concern. It's her problem, she'll solve it on her own. Do not take her problems as your own. Your energy should be re-directed towards what happens in YOUR head, how can you deal with it for your benefit and most of all, how can you make it come off with the "I don't need her" attitude.

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