Hey, I really need help here.

Well, there's this girl that I've been with, quite close but not till the point of being in a relationship yet. But we argued over a (small) incident about two months and she have ignored me since, although we did exchanged a few messages last month where she apologized with an excuse for ignoring me.

Okay, here's whats happening. It is just after exams and all of us have just got back our papers and marks etc. Which I've used it as an opener.

Me: <Name> Have u been well? How's ur exams?

Her: What a surprise message Everything's still going fine I guess

Me: How did u do for this term's exam?

Her: I failed my a-maths...ya x.x

So what should I do now? Tell her that my exams r worse so she feels better? Cheer her up? Any suggestions???
My objective here is to made it clear that I havent forgotten her/ still wants to talk to her etc.
So? Any ideas/tips/or strategies that can help me? I would really appreciate it!!!