He is my situation, I have known this girl for about 15 years. We have never dated but have always flirted. She was married for about 3 years and is divorced now for about a year and a half.

After her divorce we started hanging out at least once a week and have texted each other a few times a week. So over the course of that time I have started to have feelings for her. I did not want to ruin our friendship so I never really came out and said that I liked her. I just did a lot of things to try let her know that I liked her.

We have a lot of mutual friends so we see each other in social gatherings a few times a month. Everybody in our social circle Knew I liked her,

She had been going on dates with a few different guys but that did not bother me cause it was harmless fun for her. Well recently she had met a guy who she said she loved. So I was happy for her. He lives in another town and she would go to visit him.

She would tell people I know how into this guy she was and that they were going to move in together. Well this past weekend she was supposed to go see him. But for the few days up to her leaving she was texting me all the time.

So I texted her saying that since she so into this guy that maybe she should concentrate on him and stop texting me. I told her that I had feelings for her and that it was hard for me to see her with other guys so we should distance ourselves from each other.

About half an hour later I get a call from her best friend saying that she had no Idea that I liked her and that if she knew she would have loved to go on a date with me. And that she was very sad that I wanted to stay away from her.

She even cancelled her trip to see the other guy and ended it with him. So pretending not to know that she cancelled her trip I sent her a text saying that I hope she has a great time on the trip and that I want her to be happy.

She tells me that she is not going on the trip anymore. Saying that it wasn't going to work out with this guy. After some texting back and forth I told her that I had an extra ticket to a show that night and she should come with me.

She came and we talked about all the stuff in the car ride to the show. She told me that she was pissed because I had not asked he out then asked for distance. She claimed she did not know I had feelings for her ( Everyone else knew )

So went out that night talked and had a great time. We did not do any sexual stuff, didn't even hold hands. Because she wanted to do that on our first official date,

She texts me on Saturday to tell me how great of a time she had on Friday. On Friday Since I knew she had booked the whole weekend off, I asked her to do something on Sunday, she said sure.

So this morning I text her to see if she still wants to hang out she says that she is going to her aunts for dinner and could come by my house after and we could watch a movie. I said sure. So she says she will text me after dinner before she comes by.

I get a text a 8:00, her saying that they are just finishing and she didn't know how much longer it would take. I asked her if she wanted to take a rain check she said ok. Then stupid me gave her the gears about cancelling and I sounded like an AFC, I did this because I knew she was playing games. When this girl likes a guy she will do anything to see him. And the fact that I was being cancelled on pissed me off

She asked me if I wanted to do breakfast tomorrow but I said I had to work, she sent back

So I finished with a text that said " Well I will miss seeing you tonight" " Have a great day tomorrow"

I get no response.

So What is my next step? do I freeze her out ? I am just confused because here is a girl who was balling saying how much she missed me and wanted to go out with me, Then she totally dissed me. WTF

I thought about not texting or responding to her text for a week.

Did my AFC stuff screw me. I wish I had been cooler when she cancelled.

What to do now?