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    Default Calling all puas in college where do I start?

    So Im starting up college Im still a virgin but contrary to what that implies I can be somewhat good with women at certain times. Anyways Id really appreciate some advice on how to start what I should do to come out on top socially and maybe even academically (if you can spare the time to type in info lol) Its a great opportunity to start fresh and I wanna start with a good impression in every aspect.

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    Default Re: Calling all puas in college where do I start?

    well it depends if you live at home during college or live in dorms for college, theyre a bit different believe it or not ,but either way here is some advice that works in both first thing is wardrobe you must look unique but dont over do it and do not wear sweats every day like most college guys.Wear a prop at all times, a prop is something you can easily take off and give to a female to wear for the time being e.g a necklace, bracelet etc.with props you run routines so they are most likely to see you again like if they compliment you on your prop you might want to say something like "ah you notice, awesome isnt it? let me transfer some of its awesomeness to you ,you need it, I know you want to but dont steal it okay(insert playful pet name)" of course none of this will not work if you have not initiate kino another thing college guys dont do.Breaking the touch barrier is very important.ok one last thing cause this is too much typing acting like you dont understand something or having great knowledge in class, you must know which one to play so if your target is very knowledgeable in class ask her for help e.g" hey I wasnt really paying attention in class can I see your notes?(if she doesnt have class say) look we can sit over there it wont be long" after your done with the notes you tell her she could be your study buddy and on another note to do will in college you must be there and do homework cause attendance and homework is a big part of your grade,doing homework almost always helps you get good quiz, midterm and finals scores
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