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    Default Field report questions

    Right I went out with a couple of friends last night, and opened and got opened by quite a few sets, but oneof these are the ones I have questions about. To put things into context, I am 19 and go to university, so my game type is a bit different to the normal situations.

    I was opened by them in the smoking area, while having a smoke alone. They were playing with YoYos (I'm sure it was a form of peacocking for females) right infront of me while one of them looked at me, so I said, you know I never learnt how to use one of those. Girl 1 dropped her YoYo( which while I instinctively wanted to pick up, I did not since I thought it may be a form of sh1t test - which I am now certain it was) She then picked it up and gave it to me, while girl 2 taught me how to use a YoYo. Girl 1 was very confident and I could tell she had some game of her own, while girl 2, despite being the more attractive seemed much less so. Girl 2 asked me wehre I was from (IOI1) and I told her to guess; she guessed a few times, then I told her where I was from, and she asked me which languages I speak which i responded to with French and English. So she spoke to me in french telling me her name and asking me what mine was (IOI2). Throughout this time girl1 was being very silent and observant, not quite losing interest, but also not joining in too much. We talked for a while, but alas as all smoking area conversations go, it had to end because they wanted to take shots. Since I was not invited to join, I decided to keep my social values and remain there for a few more minutes before going back to the club.

    I met set A again later on in the night, and was instantly greeted by them by name. Although I remembered their names, I responded to girl 2 by her name, but pretended not to remember girl 1's(neg1). We talked for a bit and I found out girl 1 was an English student. I said, yeah, thats pretty cool. Then I asked girl 2 what she did, and she said she was a model, to which I responded with "what a hand model?" (This has been a line I've wanted to use for a while, but this was the first chance I got in doing so. However I only realized later that by doing so I had negged both targets, and rather than disarm one, had chosen both as a potential target, making my first mistake) This is when things got interesting. While girl 2 had the clear intended reaction of getting a bit offended but also gaining attraction, girl 1 gave me one of the most intelligent comments I've heard "Wow that's deep, thats a good line". At this point I knew she must have had some form of knowledge of the game. Realizing this, I made her my obstacle from that point on. While I was analyzing the situation after my neg (this all took about 10-15 seconds btw) girl 2 continued to speak, telling me she was also interested in writing. At this point I knew she was trying to build herself social value, taking us into A3. I asked her what kind of writing, which she responded to by saying poetry. I used one of mystery's lines by saying" No way, I love writing poetry, I can't even talk to you now!" and faced a bit away from her and towards girl 1.Again this gave the intended effect and she was attracted even further without being scared off (Thanks to my IOD). After a few seconds of silence I reinstated by saying, so who's your favorite poet , which she responded to, but as I did not like the poet, I gave a full IOD to this by showing I did not quite like him. She went on to say she wrote poems which were rhythmic, which I answered to by saying rhythm isn't as important as passion and emotion. (giving both an IOD and giving myself social value by saying I had both of those features) At this point girl 1 started speaking again, saying she agreed with me and preferred non-rhythmic poems. I went on to tell them who my favourite poet was, which girl 2 responded to by saying wow I like her too, and then told her I prefer writing my own poems in her (my favourite poet’s) style (adding another layer of similarity without truly IoIng her) At this point girl 2 asked me if I had a piece of paper so she could give me her blog. She was clearly trying to give me contact details, which meant things were going well, and while she was doing that I had some small talk with girl 1. However after about 20 seconds of conversation, they decided to go back inside, leaving me with my dilemma. Now I am not necessarily interested in the girls, and actually lost her blog, but was wondering what I did wrong, and how I can improve my steps next time and perhaps move into C1 or a time-bridge. Or if I was in C1, what I did wrong, if anything to lose the,?

    I know the message was insanely long, and will try to keep my next ones shorter J
    Thanks in advance
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