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    Exclamation Need some advice on next move with EX.

    Break up ended with anger on both sides but don't want to write story on here. So let me know if you need more info on break up or anything but this is were I'm at right now. The last 2 weeks I've had on and off contact with her

    After she broke up with me I had no contact with her for a month until I sent her a text. Here's how the contact has been since that text. Appreciate if you read all this. Just think you will get better idea of what's going on.Knew her responses were going to be cold because of the M=me H=her

    aug 14th
    M- "Found some of your things."
    H-"Like?" Hour 18 mins later "Just throw it away"
    M-"Some of your clothes and your blue ipod.
    H- "give the ipod to diana & throw away the clothes.
    M- "Not going to throw away the clothes js take them".
    H- "Ur choice,dnt want em js give diana my ipod. Bye."
    M- "k"
    M- 2 hours later i text at 11pm "Can i ask you something?"(had nothing to ask her but wanted to stay on her mind and have her answer my phone call the next day)
    H- Ok? 13 mins later.. "?"
    Next day I call. Doesn't answer but calls back. Ask if it was cool if we can meetup, she denied say it was bad idea,was kind of an ass expected it lol then sarcastically says goodbye take care.
    H- Texts me shortly after "Dont call my phone again."
    M- "I wont. Just missed you thats all. Wanted to know ho you been n all. had to put my pride aside n try to talk to you to give me that closure. Take care too. n im not saying that sarcastically like you did -_- Wish you luck with everything.N yea prolly wasnt a good idea."
    H- Niceee, if it was only ture. Goodbye."
    M- "Whatever Becca"
    H "Ok."
    H- Hour later " Js dont want to hear "missd you hope everything goes good" from a person who doesnt mean it n is frontin smh so yeh w.e."
    M- "If i dont mean it i wouldnt of called you"
    H- When she gets off work, she calls me about 4 times, goes to were i stay at and sends these texts. ( i was busy at the time and waited to respond later.
    "Did u give diana my ipod?
    "We're u at bc I want it back.
    "forgetit u take to long to respond. Go give it to brittany n teller to call me when she has it."
    M- I call her back. No answer but she returns my call at 1 a.m. Talk for bout 5 mins. just about her picking up her things and what clothes i had. tease her a little bout bein impatient she tease back, even laugh because i said i had her bra.could tell she wanted to talk more and was holding a front but i keeped it short and simple.

    next day 16th
    M- guessing you dont want me to throw clothes away no more?
    H- yea want it back
    M- lol oops
    H- wow
    M- chill i have them here
    H- K i'll getem after work
    H-Im comin to get it so b outside

    We meetup for first time since month. talk for about an hour. pretty much 30 mins on catching up how you been, what you been up too etc. n then 30 mins on what happend with relationship.she was still angry at me n was giving cold responses to everything i said.said let it go and leave her alone. again i expected this.

    later than day i accidently call her.she was my last call on my phone and i accidently touch her number when trying to call friend who was before her.she doesnt answer but calls me back suprisingly with a different tone and attitude from when i met up with her. but i js tell her my bad wasnt trying to call you.
    M- then i text " god damn its hard letting you go. Sorry."

    Next morning 17th
    H- My family cant know we met up yest if anything we saw each other on campus (i think this text ws irrelevant because i wouldnt have contact with her family anyway")
    M- Ok
    M- later than night i text "can i ask why you told me that for?
    H- My uncles n mom dnt want us around eachother.
    M- O.were we really that horrible(15mins pass didnt respond)
    M- alright well i forgot you want me to leave you alone. Gnight.

    Next day 18th
    M- have your ipod. what you want me to do with it again?
    H- give it to brittany to give to me
    M- alright ill let her know.
    Ending up meeting with her when i dropped off her ipod at her friends house. I was with my boys at time. We are all mutual friends. She kind of gave me a hidden signal to stick around so i parked my car and we all chilled. she flirted back with me and tease me back and her actions were all positive ones.but when it was time to leave. she didnt say goodbye so i go try for a hug ( lol) then she did a complete 180. she didnt want me to touch her at all when i tried touchin her shoulder but she did stick around to talk. again her anger against me was coming out and everything i said was being shot down.told me i wasnt sincere about apologizing

    2 days pass with NC.
    M- I text her "goodmorning" on morning on 20th
    H- 3 hours later "STOP txtnn me." so i did

    At 1am on the 22nd she called me but i didnt answer because i ws sleeping. her fb status that night was "Cant sleep -__-"(saw off friends fb, not friends with her" i call back whn i woke up for work which is 4 45 am. lol acted off my emotion she doesnt call back at all nor do i call again.

    at this point i was confused as hell because shes telling me to leave her alone, were not friends, stop txtn me etc but then again she calls me, send me txts that are irrelvant.

    Anyways i had wrote a apology letter to her to show her i was truly sorry. to sum it up quick. i apologized for what i did wrong, ask for forgiveness told her i missed her, said whatever happens from here i learned from my mistakes and wont repeat them for next relationship i have. wish her luck. told her hope next guy treats you like a queen. I didnt beg for her back nor go off with the i love you's. I gave it to her on the 24th,made sure to give her to her before she left on her trip to la to take some dance classes. I gave it to her through friend because i was tired of being shot down with everything i do and say when i saw her.

    Next day
    She writes back. Sends text sayin" might wana close your car windows its guna rain. take care" she dropped letter of in care. her letter said summed up. We are unhealthy for each other two very diff ppl, this isnt a goodbye forever card but dnt think we should be friends or relationship. said shes focus on career and doesnt want stress. wish me luck. honestly letter was kind of harsh with no emotion were to mine was straight from the heart type sh1t. To me knowing her, this letter seem fake and more professional than true feelings. i feel like she has something to say to me but is holding back. She has a lot of pride and is very stubborn. She can hold a grudge forever what girl cant though lol but i know she wants to be with me. maybe im wrong.

    Anyways next morning she calls ( shes already in la at this tme). I didnt answer because was upset from letter. 2 hours later she texts me saying "my phone called u on accident my fault" BS? been 2 days of no contact so my number wasnt the last call, would think she would have deleted my number due to the cold things she told me and responses, and she is a pro with her phone which has a lock screen. think she was just embarresed and her pride took over since i didnt respond to the call. or maybe it was straight up an accident dont know bet farked my head up.

    5 days pass with NC and i decide to call her. No answer but i leave Voicemail straight up being honest Saying
    "Hey, Look honestly ever since you accidently called ive been thinking about you and this no contact feels so weird, just want to know hows everything been up there?hows la? what you been up to? give me a text or call if you want, bye." i know little emotional but tired of hiding what i really feel all the time because of the alpha male sh1t.

    Next morning she texts me, 30th
    H- Wasup js got your VM. how u been.
    M- good. finally moving to place lol u?
    H-good, good busy and exhausted but good
    M- i bet keep it up. hows the classes
    havent got response yet. I love this girl and want to work this. i farked up in the relatioship. I got to comfortable and took her for granted, came clean with small white lie, and we trust issues cause unneeded problems.

    Need help on progress with her with texts. I dont want it to be just a one time how u been ex text time deal. I want to start talking to her again. What should i do next or what should i change?
    No contact? Wait for her to contact me? Text her again ?
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