okey so i have this ( lady Friend) im like her only friend
in this Town and we hang out alot, and text alot,
and i look at her with ( Friend eyes ) and it would be cool to sleep with her but im not Hunting for it in any way.

i put in some ( funny dirty stuff ) and she always respond posetiv, with a laugh. in our conversations.

and today I told her that i think of her like a (best friend)
and she respondet with a ( are you gay comment ) but dident say it strait to me. "like a hidden question" but i OFC saw it and told her with a " Hidden awnser that im not gay "

and i dont really got alot of IOIs from Her, but still kinda fun to know, how i can make it a Friends with benefits relationship.

she is a prity girl.. " i would eat her if she was on the table, but wouldent take time to make a fansy dinner of it"
metaforicly speaking.

she is still a awesome friend.