as the thread title may surggest iv recently became single and going to be sarging alot for lost time.
any hints tips and routines are welcomed, however simple or mundane. theres a good chance i already know what your saying but thats not the point, point is, everything will do and everyhting will help. its not so much that i need it but need to refresh my routine and this is afine way to do it.
dont worry about how new you are, or how experinced, if i should know or if indeed i do know it. i will accept every and any advice.

perticularly if it involves fisrt date f-game as thats the idea iv had lease experince in, not to say little experince, just not asmuch as the others.

im not new, im not inexprinced, but my PUA booksa re running low and im really giving the better of you a chance to flex those muscles and show me really what you got, of course i'll give rep to the better answers!