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    Default College classroom game with other competitors

    Alright I just finished my second week of college and I've just recently been talking to, trying to 'game' this cute girl that sits in front of me. She's a 9 easily, would be a 10 but she's like almost a foot smaller than me. Anyways, I've been talking to her in class and she's constantly giving me IOI's like hair flipping and giggiling after every word I say. The thing is there are two other guys in my class (they look like friends from my point of view) who are also trying to game/talk to her. She throws the same IOI's their way as well but she's only been partners with me when we do in-class activities.

    Bottom line is these guys are douches and see me as competition, how do I know this? Well when I was talking to the HB9, this guy next to her just chimed in out of nowhere and I tried including him in the conversation but he kind of just nudged my comment off and ignored it. At that point in time I thought "Game on!"

    I have one thing going for me and that's my fashion sense, I outstyle these guys by a lot. So my question is should I try and deal with the AMOG's or should I game this other cute girl (HB8ish) to my right to raise my value?

    Any advice appreciated.

    *side note* I'm pretty sure she's one of those girls that knows she's pretty because she said something about how going to the bars is free. And I said something like, "Why because guy's buy all your drinks for you?" She seemed a little put off but said "yeah"
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