This girl for 6 months we been together at work call and txt each other most days and she will lecture me sometimes like she is my girl, gets jealous and trys to make me jealous and flirts with me. We have made out early on but only had a few dates.

We know eachother very well and were bf/gf for 2 out of the 6 months but we didn't sleep together. During this I've had dirty txt messages from her and she has also spoken to me as if I was her bf on many occasions, plus told me alot of personal sh1t.

She was in a long relationship and is still not over it, and her ex keeps contacting her still and recently they meet up. So they met the other day and she said he tried to kiss her and wants to get back with her and asked me what should she do. She says she hates him but misses him. I asked her does she see us as anything more than friends. She said "We could be but we are friends now"

I told her I wanted to be with her and that I can tell her what to do she needs to figure it out and that I care bout her and she said "I'm not ready, I'm stuck in the middle"

She contacted me before work we spoke on the phone she was distant. The whole day was awkward with us looking down and trying to work and talk through stuff and we made hardly any conversation.

Then at the end of the shift, I walked up to her and moaned about the job(I'm a bit of a moaner) she said, "give up...stop man" it seemed like she was talking about us. I approached her again and she was about to burst in tears, she said "my feet hurt, enough is enough mate" while smiling and fighting back the tears. She started wriggling away from me and couldn't talk properly I started to burst into tears also. We got on this bus with other people and sat with tears in our eyes holding back. I told her "I don't want to give up, do you want me too?" she just put her hand up like "whatever"

Next day we smiled about it, I told her it was weird and she said I know, and had slightly watery eyes again. She was touching me alot and flirting, I whispered in her ear I wanted to give her a big kiss and she giggled. What should I do?