I am a part-time manager at a small size hotel with 30 rooms in a vacation lodge in a smaller vacation town. There is an 18 year old house keeper who I've been flirting with. I am only three years older than her, and we have been chilling just a few times before she broke up with her bf. Anyways, she is kind of a bad girl, and I am sorta polished young professional (I party every chance I get though). Thats just the background.

She just texted me a few hours saying she broke up with her bf, and after a small convo, I asked her to come over and watch the nfl season opener (shes a football fan). She said she "may" want to hang out after the game since shes a little broken up. I told her if I didnt hear from her by 8pm central time, I would text her. That was an hour ago. I havent texted her yet, and I am wondering if I should jsut text her after the game is over?? And if so, what should I say?