okay so i work part time at a retail store, and an hb 9/10 came in and we were little flirty/friendly but i didnt number close or anything because ive been in some trouble lately and i dont want to lose my job. so it turns out that we have eachother on facebook but i didnt recognize her until later, and i dont think she recognized me at all, and if she did she didnt say anything.

so my question is what i can i send her as a message? i was thinking of "i totally cannot recall how we met but it turns out that we already have eachother on facebook! i couldnt forget your face, you mentioned to me how awesome it is that i enjoy my job while most people hate it! so where is it that you work that you despise so much? lol"

advice or opinion would be awesome. this might be creepy so i definitely want to approach this situation properly