I was at a wedding this weekend and saw an old friend of mine that I've been interested in for some time. I haven't seen or talked with her for like 2 or 3 years. She was happy to see me, I was happy to see her, we talked, and laughed, and so on. When the night was over though, we parted ways with a quick hug and kiss, and I'm left wondering if we'll ever actually see each other again, which bothers me.

Now. I realize I blew a few opportunities that night in pursuing her or making it more evident that I'm romantically interested in her. Then again maybe she wouldn't have reciprocated any advances. Either way, I very easily could have answered my question of "will I see you again soon?" in person rather than over the phone. But I can't change that at this point. I've been talking with my brother about things I could do differently next time, and I've got a date lined up for next week already with a different girl so I'm not hanging on (too much) to an idea of a relationship with my old friend.

I stopped talking to her partially because I've just been doing my thing, but also in the back of my mind it was a faint attempt at breaking down that "friend barrier." I'm living in the south and she's living in the northeast US, so the not talking thing wasn't a big deal for either one of us. My question is whether or not I should call her and just let her know I hated saying bye to her, and while I'm not trying to get into any sort of SERIOUS relationship with her, I need to know from her if I'd be COMPLETELY wasting my time by calling her from time to time... understanding that I have "romantic" intentions. Not friendship ones.

I actually have a whole "schpele" typed out as to what I'd like to say to her. I figure, worse case scenario she is completely turned off by this advance and never wants to talk to me again (and since we hadn't talked for 2 plus years, I'm ok with that) or she's somewhat receptive to me calling her KNOWING that I'm doing so not as a friend but because I WANT to explore a more intimate relationship with her.

My other option was to just get a ticket to New York so that I can visit some other friends, see the sights, and see if I can take her out one night. Problem with me is severing my friend intentions and making my romantic ones clear.

I try not to ramble on too much with this stuff. But any input is appreciated. Cheers.