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    Default Share the LOVE and the LOVE will share you...

    Hey friends,

    Today I'm gonna talk about the LOVE game. The love game is nothing more than playing the game but on a different level. On the inner level. So many books.etc are now focusing on inner game and social dynamics it has changed the world of PUAs. After peeling back the books and extracting all the information from these books, one thing has popped out countless amount of times. And this is to SHARE the LOVE.

    What I mean by this is when you meet a girl, show her your love. Don't go up and tell her you love her (unless you're playing David DeAngelo Cocky Funny). No. Instead talk to her, as if she's a human being, not computer code (where you type in one thing expecting a certain result). Talk to her as if she's an interesting, fun girl, and that she has on some level made you feel good by talking to her. Then, she will show you her love just as much.

    There are 3 principles however that I have coined up for this to be effective and they are:

    1) You will get out of it, what you put in: This is hugely true. The more love you give, the more she will give back.

    2) Show love 1 step at a time: Don't go full on out with your love. But give it 1 step at a time, keeping the conversation going until she gives you some love. Then carry on and give some more.

    3) Keep it light hearted: Throughout all this, keep it light-hearted, fun and interesting.

    You can by all means, practise this using the game techniques, that's fine. Also, you may neg, IOD.etc.etc that's also fine. But just realise that by showing your appreciation for who she is, respecting her if she deserves it and showing your interest in her life, should be your mindset. You should share LOVE as the wheels the car runs on. The better tyres you have, the better grip you will have on when approaching obstacles and turning corners.

    Finchy x

    p.s. Might be a bad analogy there, help will be appreciated to make more sense of this
    Work hard, Play hard players! Oh and Man up, girls like men.

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    Default Re: Share the LOVE and the LOVE will share you...

    Right on man, good to remember that

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