Well I need some advice from someone with rock solid experience cause the situation I'm in has me stumped right now. I was dating this girl for a little more than six months. We started out as friends and in the beginning and I was keeping her in the friends zone for a little while so she would want me more. We had all the same things in common and had loads fun together and there was never a dull moment. Well after a while she flat out told me she wanted to be more than friends when we had alot to drink one night and we finally did become more than friends. So we kept dating for a while and everything was fine and than out of the blue she gets real quiet and pretty much ignores me for a whole week giving me the silent treatment. When she did talk she was mean and vague and no she wasn't on her period.. So after a while I got pissed off and asked her what the hell her problem was and she finally tells me her ex called her and they have been talking all week. Of course I am royally pissed cause she promised she was done with him and wasn't gonna talk to him anymore. And than she starts telling me its not her fault that he called him which was a total bullshit excuse. She says she still has feelings for him and crap and she doesn't know what she wants anymore and she is confused. After that everything goes down hill and she keeps being a bitch and treating me like crap and won't talk to me about anything. It eventually got to the point where we got really really pissed at each other and verbally ripped each other to shreds. Than she said she was done with me and didn't want to even see me anymore. So I leave her alone for a week so we can cool down and give her a call to see what she was doin. Well guess what she was doin she admitted to me she was doin her ex that week. She said she needed to vent, and I was so pissed I just hung the phone up. I don't know what to do I love her alot and we were really close or so I thought. I don't know what really changed her mind or what I did but is there any way to fix this or am I totally screwed. I wish I could have her back but I am stumped on what to do. HEEEELP.