Hey guys!

This will be a long post, but I need to do this. I have nothing to lose anymore and would aprreciate any given answer....I know you all have a lot of experience and it would sound much different from your mouth than mine right now...so I urge to tell me the cruel truth. I need it.

Before I start I just want to describe myself, so that you can see the big picture. I am the type of guy that every men hated when he was young...I used to got the looks from women, I don't have this problem neither today. But I am that weird guy also that didn't pretty much used his looks...I always knew how to talk to girls, girls loved me...I knew how to get her thinking about me, get them be all passionate about me but something was missing my entire life. That cold sting...if someone gets? - That you let her show who's the boss or maybe just saying you care for yourself too...I was constantly thinking like I'm gonna hurt their feelings and then usually let being hurt myself. So basicly...I could say I was born like someone else, someone who got it in a natural way and slide thru quite easily a lot of times, but when I really needed to show the skills I acted as a total amateur.

So I am here in this situation with this girl...I always had the most hot women, that's the problem of being peaky. So to make things clear I am not crying here now for not gettin' it with some girl or a fly girl, it's working with "that" hot girl. Who everybody wants.

So...I'm 26, she about 35. Everytime I'm with someone I'm with someone to be in a relationship, not just to get layed...(I know this is not something you write on a man's forum, but I'm pretty much old fashioned guy
She ignores every single guy...every guy wants her...so how I got her intention? I phone in her office at her job and yealed at her...how I wanted to appeal and wanted her boss cause an unfair justice happened...that she was at my job and when she saw me and we talked for a minute she didn't leave a number. We started laughing and clicked immediately.
But I found out that she was really shy and she really tested me all the time...and the first date happened. She bought me a gift for my birthday that was a week ago at that time and I didn't tell her I had one...she just remembered. It was one of the best first dated of my life, really. I though this was it, like just the second date, I make my move and we're together. But hell no...second date never came.

So now I am asking you...this is going on for 4months...and I wanted to end all in august but the most funny thing is that she writes me "how am i" and so....and when I ask her out, she always says yes...but when the date night comes she writes me 5hours before that she can't make it. So it was the same yesterday, it was the 4th time...

So...I know I can be naive as hell, I know that. I know maybe someone won't understand why I am like this? It's maybe cause I feel she gets me and I am pretty hard to get, belive me. She's kinda the first women in my life that I've got a feeling she gets me. And the last thing...she's really hot, she writes me, but we cannot go to a f**** second date...

I have two female friends in US, they both said to me, in US we would been on 20 dates already by now....

Oh, she's single and has no children. She's very shy, I mean very shy.

I just don't know...do I just leave her untill she decides to write me, I do this all the time, I leave her alone untill she writes me, only then I ask her out, she always says yes and gives me a smiley, but then that date never happens....or should I just say to her all what I mean?

Which is that I am only for a women with whom I'll be in the first place.

Sorry for being to long, please guys be cruel and tell me all what you think...I need and advice real bad...

Thanks for reading me, take care
Andraž from Europe