Hi fellow sargers:

Here is the story: met this girl in May in my university. She showed some attraction. Tried asking her out. She said she has a boyfriend but we should remain friends. Tried talking/going for coffee in facebook but did not respond. Unfriended her from facebook. I forgot about her for 2 months.

Started reading game and did the following in the summer:
Read >5 books on game (outer and inner)
Started to practise for a Marathon (lost > 15 kg) (I was not fat but starting to get a chubby face)
Started to dress well, got sunglasses, got tan, learned to cook
Joined a bicycle club (+ started working on mine as a hobby)
Got in touch with old friends + made new ones from the new club including a semi-famous visual artist and people from other countries
Started sarging with people + going to karaoke and now I'm 100% ok with openings and approaching girls way hotter than the one I'm talking about.
Started to get invited to way more parties in August (now I have about 3 a week).
Started Tango lessons.

Then friend of a friend tells me she was breaking up with boyfriend when I asked her out. From end of July she is single. Not sure if she is still single. The girl is 31, I'm 25.

Then I sent the following on facebook:
Did not mean to make you feel unesay by asking for coffee
I have coffee and lunch with all my other friends
Decided I could not continue my friendship if you responded that way
Now I realize I chose a friendship over work (I was actually busy in May/June) and I regretted it
(Was this an ok message? I tried showing non-needeness)

She responded saying she forgot to respond and accepted my facebook friend request. I asked her for lunch and said he can't afford it due to tuition (She's not lying) so we went for coffee. Used teasing, demonstartions of higher value, made her laugh, and no keno escalation except our feet touched and we didn't move them away.

Got this possible IOIs:
She did a lot of qualification (might also be a friend thing to do too or someone she hasn't spoken with in a while)
But the subjects of the questions revolved around social value Leaned in half-way in the conversation and stayed there
Bit her lip and touched her hair more than once (might be normal since we spoke for and hour)
Started the conversation right away again if I didn't speak.
Held her hair for a short while pointing it forwards (not sure if its and IOI)
Put on lipstick (just for 2 seconds without a mirror, not sure if its an IOI or something she would do in front of an acquaintance)

She mentioned something wrong with her computer and I blew it off in the conversation but then I messaged her saying I went to a computer store for another matter (true) and I found out the solution. She'll be alone with me in my lab tomorrow while I install some stuff.

What should my next move be? Should I assume I'm in the friend zone (and do something about it) or should I try to get some keno and use attraction techniques directly to then try again?

Thank you for your time