Hi Everyone, and thanks for any help you can provide in advance.

I'm pretty much brand new to the community and any basic theories in general. I've read some of the basic texts and before I was really able to learn much and improve myself, and old 'friend' came back in to the mix. (I'm posting this literally 2 days after I even heard about the PUA community, so I'm definitely a newbie)

Since I'm new, my back story is as follows: I'm 25 and I have had some pretty decent success with women in general. I'm not turning everyone's head every time I walk into a social setting, but I am definitely getting noticed by a handful of females a good amount of the time I do go out. Basically my looks are not my problem. Now I'm not Brad Pitt, nor do I have the body I had my senior year of high school, but I do however still realize that in general women find me very attractive.
My problem is that if I don't already know a female well, or if I do not know her through a group of friends, I really have absolutely no game or confidence whatsoever in a 1 on 1 situation.
Most of my success, ashamed to admit it, was via drunken hookups where I could have spoke pig latin all night to her and the outcome most likely would have been the same.

Now that you know a little about me, here is my current situation:
A few months ago, a very attractive, yet much younger bartender at a local restaurant wound up pursuing me. She had contacted me on Facebook of all places and for a couple of weeks would routinely tell me that we had to hang out sometime. We eventually did hang out. I took her to a restaurant and we BS'ed for a couple of hours, kiss on the cheek, went home. She actually wound up texting me that night and in the ensuing days, but the signals were a little confusing overall.
We hung out one more time about a week later. I had picked her and her friend up and drove them home to her house. This was a total nightmare. The entire time I was there she was fighting with her sister about something I wasn't paying attention to, her dog was biting me, and the cherry on top was that she lived with her parents who were due home any minute. There was a severe gap in the maturity level, which I can deal with for a fling, but what I couldn't deal with were the soon-to-be angry parents who did not want to come home to a strange man in their house at 1 am with their 18 year old daughter. I invited her and her friend over to my place to go swimming (which was admittingly about a half hour away), never got a straight answer and wound up bolting.
She apologized for the awkwardness, we texted and talked on the phone for a week or two more, I called her one day and didn't get a response back, so I didn't call again.
Anyway, now here we are today and she is dropping subtle hints again via Facebook (which is a little funny to me because I'm not the kind of person to use social media for that kind of stuff)
Out of nowhere I am being poked 5 times a day by her, she is liking everything I post, and liking every picture of me; new or old.
So in any event, after 2 months of non contact, it's pretty apparent that she wants to hang out again soon.
So really my question is this:
Since I already have hung out with this chick a couple of times, but we don't really know each other to well; If we decide to go out again what's my approach to it now? Should I act as though the first 2 times never happened? Should I try to use openers, run any game whatsoever, etc, etc? Basically what would you do if you were clueless when you first met this person, but now want to reshape your approach to the whole game?
Thanks a lot guys -- and help you can give me (even in general) is tons more than I already have.