Hello guys!

This is my very first post, so I'd like to be warned in case I've posted it in the wrong place.

I'll make it as short as I can.

I met a girl from another city last year and we've seen each other since then. Something like friends. Suddenly, she asked me out and even to stay at her city for some days.

Well, I went there and everything was OK, but she seemed like a really shy and quiet person. Later on, I found out she is REALLY shy and her social skills are poor to say the least. She is cute and really nice to have around when you get to know her. Anyway, I didn't kiss her, and I'll explain it below.

We kinda of lost contact for some months, and then we got back talking and I tried kissing her. No good, she came with the 'not yet approach'. She told me she likes me, but it not time yet. For her, even a kiss is the beginning of a relationship. For most guys I know it would suck, but I like her that way.

I thought she would get all freaked out due my attempt, but she came to invite me again to her city and I stayed there some days. After that we started going out quite regularly and she let me hug her a lot. Yes, I know, I could find some other girl, and I'm not falling in love for her. I think it would be really nice to go to the point where I could make her get into the mood. So, telling me I should move on to some other less problematic girl is not the point. I can do that, but I'll keep this one around until then.

Don't take me as a cold hearted son of a bitch. I do like her, and I want to improve her ways. Just don't need desperately her.

So, after all that (like, going out for a month), we had a really good moment, she was hugging me and letting me get really close. When she let me go for a kiss, well, she stopped me again, told me she likes me a lot, even adores me, and started crying, saying she is not able to enter a serious relationship right now.

Her family is kinda of messed up. Divorced mother dating a troublesome guy now. Sister keeps crying because of her boyfriends. Her upbringings are not so good, so I kinda of understand her fear.

Once again, after trying to kiss her, she is still around every single day and asking me out without any effort by myself.

So, I hope my message wasn't so long. I want to fix her, and keep trying until she removes this blockage. I don't know if you guys here follow Pandora system, but she is an Investor-denier-realist (loves spending good time with me, wants to fix me all the way she can and gets really happy doing so, lots of sexual blockage and pays for bills always she can).

What advice would you give me to accomplish this task?