K kinda lost with this one, hope to get some advice from the netosphere!

Background on myself - tall/athletic/fairly well dressed/good job/educated.

Girl: hot, super happy and really talkative.

Met at a common friend's dinner party, she kept laughing at all my jokes and kept glancing at me repeatedly. Added her on FB after the dinner, msged back and forth for about 2 weeks before finding a night both of us were free for dinner, and also right before I had to leave the country for work for 3 months.

Met up at restaurant for dinner after work, I was super nervous and sweaty at the beginning, and she was kinda nervous too as she kept looking away. After some wine, we were both really relaxed and the date went really well, with non-stop eye contact and her laughing and talking loudly and non-stop. We were probably the happiest couple in the restaurant as even the waitress had to apologize to interrupt us...

She ended up driving me home after as I took transit downtown and she drove to work. Outside my home, we talked briefly and I tried to go for the quick kiss, but she turned her cheek, and when I asked if she was dating around, she said she had lots of "friends."

I SMS'd her 2 days later before I boarded my flight saying that I had had a great time and wanted to see her after I came back to town, to no reply.

When I got to the other country, I sent her 2 msgs on Whatsapp saying hi (its a phone messenger program that auto-adds you after you each have each other's phone #'s on ur phone), and also 1 message on Facebook, but she hasn't replied at all...

The way I see it, I could have 3 options:
1.) Do nothing for 3 months, and then call her when I'm back in town after some "distance" between us?
2.) Message her again in a couple of weeks?
3.) Call her via Skype?

Normally I would assume a girl wasn't interested, but normally I've had other women msg back saying thanks but not interested so I'm kinda confused with this one!

Any input would be great!