So this is now the 4th girl that this has happened to.

1. girl starts randomly giving me attention (ie. 'poking" me on facebook, "liking" all my statuses)

2. I start talking to the girl, but often just play it cool and dont really care

3. girl starts texting me more and more, and if i ignore her shell continue to message/text me till i respond.

4. me and the girl go out to a club or party usually with a group of friends

5. i am friendly but do my own thing, talk to other girls, and just have a good time on my own

6. girl starts acting really insecure and tries to play me by either dancing with other guys

7. the next day, it is usually over. ive had girls go on facebook and write
"worst night ever" 5 min after me dropping her off lol

Btw, these girls are all 8+ and they always are the ones who make first contact.

however, either they get bored once they have my attention, or they get turned off and it never progresses to a 2nd date

ps. the girls are SUPER flirty and confident thru texts and fb chat, however in person, their timid, standoffish and just awkward

your thoughts?