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    Default Number/Kiss Close - Next Move

    I had an impromptu night out on Thursday with a workmate. We were at a local bar and got chatting to a group of girls. Anyway, I got chatting to one of them in particular who seemed to be quite keen from the off. A few hours later, we all moved on to a local club and by this time it was plain to see that she was definitely interested in me. We had a few more drinks (probably at the stage of being tipsy rather than drunk), a bit of a dance and I got her phone number. We then went outside to get some fresh air which ended up in a bit of kissing.

    I initiated some text ping-pong yesterday evening at around 8pm and alluded to the fact that we should hook up some time. She was on a night out at the time and was texting me from between 8pm and when she returned home at 2am (i'm guessing she was a bit drunk at this point which would also suggest she's interested).

    She seems interested, I'm interested, my question is - when should I try to organise a first date? I'm out of town next weekend so that's out. Would the middle of this week be suitable? And what would be a good choice of date? Drinks after work? A meal? Something else?

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    Default Re: Number/Kiss Close - Next Move

    I think taking her out for drinks seems to be the best idea with a girl like that. You did something right by going to 2 different venues with her the first night you hung out. In the Mystery Method it says that taking a girl to a different location after you meet her at one makes you part of the same group psychologically. So you penetrated into her group.

    When you take her out, why not eat at one place, and then bounce to another for drinks. Mystery Method also says that it takes 7 hours of comfort building on average for a girl to feel safe enough to sleep with you. But it says that going to more than one location distorts the time somewhat.

    I think you shouldn't wait too long with this girl, because if you do someone else may swoop in.

    There is no such thing as rejection, only feedback.

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