Hi everyone!

This is my first post, but I hope that doesn't make anyone ignore my plead for help, as I desperately need it.

So here's the situation:

I met a girl at work, we hit it off but she had a bf. A few days later I invited her to a club and when she came there she told me she was single now. We talked all night and kissed at the end.

Then we started dating for a few weeks. Everytime we met we made out like crazy and had lots of fun. She messaged me every other day, giving me compliments on looks and personality. Then I slept over at her house, but we didn't have sex because I didn't feel the need to 'rush it'. After that it almost felt like we were 'together' so I started messaging her alot. This was when it all turned around...

She started off by blowing me off for a concert we were going to see, then she said she was busy and then she dropped the bomb and messaged me that she still wasn't over her boyfriend and wasn't ready for anything new.

When we met at work, it's part time so it doesn't happen often, I tried to kiss her but she backed of and I freaked out and wanted her to explain why her feelings had changed. She said she didn't want to talk about it.

Then, after a few weeks she messages me on Facebook saying she still wants to see me. So we meet up a few days later to take some pictures (I'm a photographer), and then I try to kiss her and she moves away again. I try to explain that I want to be friends with benefits, but she says she's not like that. She says she likes me but only wants to be friends because she doesn't want a relationship.

What can I do to make her want to make out with me again and possibly sleep with me? My friends tell me I should 'play hard' with her, but I like her so much that it's hard to hide.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot in advance!