The subject pretty much says it all but here is a quick breakdown of the things I really need help on.

1. Crazy women. I am doing something wrong as they are attracted to me like flies to potato salad. I get them all and I normally end up with one for a long time (year plus). Also, to clarify... I'm talking ADD/Daddy problems/Super Clingy/I was their one, etc... forms of crazy. So, any and all help would be amazing.

2. I'm still in college but am also in an area where there are more sets of just women roaming around then mixed sets. Now when I say this I mean you rarely see a woman even walking to class without a friend on her hip. I have issues dealing with this type of situation and I also think that it kinda leads to my first problem. So, how do I go about dealing with large sets (Like 4 women strong) and getting the target to commit without cockblocking occurring from one of her friends.

Any and all help will be appreciated.

ps: I would put myself at around the gPuA (little g because I've had some long term relationships that have kinda pushed me on my a**. While I'm not worried about getting women I am looking to fix my selection process for the ones I date.)