I'm an AFC with no game so bear with me.

I've had my eye on this girl in class and she sat beside me today. I saw that she had assignment completed that's not due until Friday and when I asked if it's due today (to which she responded no) I threw a neg asking if she completed it because she's a keener.

In the middle of class I slipped her a note saying I'm bored and asking her if she wants to play to tic-tac-toe(an approach I found on these forums), she giggled and said okay.

We went back and fourth, I tried not too seem to eager to play, answering texts when it was my turn, listening to the proff, just little things.

I was nervous as shit inside and could feel my heart racing but tried not to let her see that. Anyways I wrote first to five wins, wins the game. It last about 20 minutes or so and eventually I won.

Here's where I started getting really nervous as I didn't know what to follow up with. She went back to surfing the net on her pc and such and I just tried look busy on my phone/laptop but was really over thinking every little detail.

So anyways, as she was leaving for her next class I said something to the effect of, "oh by the way, you owe me a coffee" "for what?" "for those games I won" "Oh do, I? (giggled)" "Yeah".

I didn't really get to DHV which I know messed up on but I couldn't think of anything to do in the middle of class. Also, I wanted say something like "This guy's boring I need a coffee to wake me up, you should join me...only for a bit though because I've got somewhere to be." But it was evident she had another class right after and I really did have somewhere to be right after class that I couldn't postpone.

So please criticize, comment, advise, suggest, whatever!

Also, what do I do next class? I know she won't be there Friday. I was thinking going there early and sitting in the same spot (she knows I sit there every class) and seeing if she sits beside me like she did today. If she sits beside me what do I do? Should I bring up the coffee?

If she doesn't sit beside me or for whatever reason we don't end up beside each other should I just notch up to a rejection and forget about it?