Hey all, just to start i am new to the forum but i have been reading a lot about PUA lately and have practiced some routines with quite a positive outcome so i am quite fascinated by the "GAME".

First to give u some background about my social interaction. I am quite playful, social and find it really easy to talk with girls and connect but i find it hard when i go to the point when i need to kiss close and just can't do it. Anyways down to my question,

I like this girl and i think i have been in the Friend zone for the past year. We go out like 1-2 times weekly and i think we both really like each other... i have always been playful, funny, cocky with her from the moment i met her.. So obviously i want something more but just don't know how to show her what i want and i worry that i can ruin the relationship if i go for a kiss close and we have such a good connection... I feel that she is really comfortable with me touching her and she feels safe with me ... how should i proceed ? should i try to kiss close her and how would you suggest .. i was thinking this tic-tac routine but it just seems a little bit cheesy to do to a girl that u know .. ? Also are IOI in the friend zone totally void? What IOI should I look for in such interactions if at all any?

Thanks in advanced!