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    Exclamation aPUA farking Confusing HB9. Hard time scoring

    Ok so there is this smoking HB9, i know. We talked a few times in high school. But we just got together to go to like 4 haunted houses together. [perfect setting!!!] she was ALL OVER me there, sending me tons of IOI'S, she kept taking my hands, and putting them around her, and i'd say flirty things in her ear, she even let me rub her cooch, lol. I also massages her boobs and her ass and she was grinding on me the whole time. It was a group thing so we flirted and touched eachother in the back of the car. BTW that's when i learned she's really ticklish.

    Anyways i forgot that when we talked in high school, she was kind of a flirt. she flirted with me online, but when i asked she "had a boyfriend." which she did.

    Now she has more experience and no boyfriend, we've got a date to go for a walk at a nature center on wednesday, so ill see what i can do then.

    Last night we kind of got into it more texting, but I don't think she was really into it. Why did she text back?

    me: well damn, that sucks. What gets you HOT!?!?
    her: Bwahaha I don't know?
    me: hmm, i guess it's never as easy as asking. lol. Does a whole body massage turn you on?
    her: Haha Idk. It depends I guess
    me: Don't worry, you can keep your panties on... if you want, oil is really good for those tatoos you know
    her: Haha oh yeah?
    me: Yeah, i give the best full body massages. It might tickle a little bit... But that might just be because your getting too excited
    her: Mhm I am super ticklish so we'll see
    me: I know. Especially when i got up farther on your thigh. I can only imagine what you'd be like with some little panties on. I can definitely imagine
    her: Ah its bad
    Ah its bad
    me: I hope your bad
    her: Haha oh yeah?
    me: Yeah, i know you're bad. I could tell you liked my hands on you, i liked how you moved them closer...and closer...and closer
    her: Haha well then. Glad to see I was behaving last night....
    me: Thats definitely my kind of behavior. Can you see me on you? Hands moving back and forth...making you feel good...
    Yeah i like massages too. lol
    her: Lol im not very good at behaving.... or giving people personal space. Yikes I was being horrible last night. Sorry lol
    me: Well maybe i'll have to punish you?
    her: Haha oh really?
    me: Do you want to be punished?
    her: Oh Idk?
    me: lol, thats too cliche anyway. You have to be excited for this massage though??? Free oil "massage."
    her: Haha sounds fun
    me: It does, You Are right.
    her: Mhm
    me: So what's the most intense fantasy you have?
    her: Haha I don't really have any
    me: Well, i know you like being the bad girl...what about a favorit position?
    her: Haha Idk, depends.
    me: Someone is playing hard to get. What about cowgirl, do you like it on top?
    her: Haha I like being in control so yes.
    But I gotta get some sleep, so get a hold of me tomorrow. Goodnight kiddo and sweet dreams
    me: Sweet dreams, talk to you then, hope your dreams are to exciting though...don't wanna be too loud!

    Aren't these ISI's? Am i not being tough enough.

    but she will never text me first, today i told her i was going for a jog so id talk later, she said "Alright, Have fun!! " Im not going to text her back i dont think, i want to be the dominant one in this relationship but im afraid ive already gotten into the habit of texting her first. Whoops!

    anyways i really want to at least score with this girl, she is farking sexy and ive wanted to at least do her since high school. please help!!! I dont want to be in the Friend Zone.
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