Hi there, first time here and I'm glad to join.
I would to figure out what I should do in the following situation with my girlfriend, Thanks in advance.

I'm in a long-distance relationship for 10month, we met once face to face for 10 days and we will do the same in about a week from now. But my gut feelings tell me that she slightly changed and she started to play the game Hot and Cold, tries to trigger me to see what my reaction would be, she also tried many time to make jealous. we talk over IM + her calling me in house number.

she succeeded in making me lose my temper man times before, but now I'm being conscious with it.
she is visiting me in a week from now.

in your opinion how should I exactly do to ensure the relationship stays well until we become together because from time to time we talk about future events and how life would be when we're tegether

Thank You.