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    Default Need help, got a number from a girl at the club

    Hi, I met this girl at the club, on Friday night. My friends pushed me into a set of 3 girls. I said hi to all of them, then a friend of theirs sat down. And we started talking and we kinda lost track of time, I had a feeling she was into me(my friend said after she was all over me, after when me and my friend were walking home). So when the club was closing, I asked for her number, I got it and said I'd call her. Then she got all shy and said nooo, in a shy manner. I then said OK I'll text you, winking at her. She then smiled at me and gave me a hug saying bye. I haven't texted her yet, but I told her that she should come play paintball (because earlier when we talked she said she really wanted to try it out sometime, and I have been playing for 6 months now).

    So my question is, my PB team has recruitment practices now, tomorrow at 20.00 and on sunday 18.00(gmt+1). When should i tell her to come, on sunday or tonight. And how should i formulate myself, to not seem too needy. Or should i just ask her out for a cup of coffe instead.

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    Default Re: Need help, got a number from a girl at the club

    If she sounded interested in the paintball thing run with it. It will show your social value if you get he out there with your friends and you can teach her a thing or two while you get her adrenaline up which is a great way to build attraction.
    As for how to do it, simple text her simple banter fun and playful. Build some comfort then tell her she should come out and check it out. Youll be there either way so it doesn’t matter if she comes or not so it wont come across as needy. If she shows up great! If not then oh well try again later.
    If you met her this weekend then you need to text her in the next day or so at most.

    Good luck

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