Okay, I am new to using these techniques discussed on this website. I was wondering if you experts can give me some awesome pointers with this girl that I have known since January.
She is blonde, and what happened with her was my friend and her started talking, and he brought her over to my place, and on the first night, they had sex. He then got over her, and now he has a girlfriend. She then started talking to me, and texting me first, but I didn't really have an attraction for the girl. Then in May, I actually felt attracted to her, she would always text me first, and always started the conversation. She would come over every once and awhile after school, and we would talk for about 15 minutes.
After she came over a couple of times, I told her that she was amazing, and she took it positively. She then wanted to come over at a time I actually ignored her, and ever since then I have a really bad problem trying to start the conversation with her, and she won't reply to all of my texts, she will just reply at the most random times. I really think she had an attraction towards me, but I ignore her one time, and she slipped away from me.

So my question to the experts is: Should I keep trying to talk to her, or should I stop talking to her for a period of time, and let her start texting me first again and chasing me again? Any help would be appreciated