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    Default arrogance and hate

    I think i've always been a natural when it came to flirting.and looking at what "magic bullets" says is required to succeeding with women (health, Social Intuition, Humor,Status,Wealth, Pre-selected, Challenging and Confidence) i have these qualities. how ever, i tend to be hated later by the girls that become attracted to me. i cant have sex with the ones i don't like. then it leads to them calling me conceited, and trying to play me out in front of people telling me things like "you're not all that" .i hear others tell me they just want my attention. my cocky funny thing can sometimes be taken the wrong way. how can i be considered less arrogant and have these girls settle down and have the guys settle down as well. i want to be friendly. and just have fun. HOW CAN I CHANGE THIS? and have people naturally want to be around me and not be called arrogant. i also want to increase my status. or rank in where i live. how can i DHV myself even higher to be basically. "the pretty boii" of where i live.

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    Default Re: arrogance and hate

    To be honest I was never a huge fan of the cockey-funny bit

    Try working a bit more like teasing em, but make sure it's playful and make sure you're cool when you receive it too

    I know teasing sounds very similar and it is, ive read deangelo and it works, just not my personal preference

    Try reading the mystery method or (I know the mod just sent a mail out saying ts wrong, but regardless it's got solid info)
    Mystery explains how and when to neg, which is different from being cockey, also when to build comfort, etc. Downside is its written like a textbook and not for everyone

    Strauss's "rules of the game" also has some great information on Imbedding value into casual stories if you're up for a challenge

    Telling a girl you have a Ferrari will dlv, but telling a funny story about your trip to the hamptons where your friend did x will make her want to know more and make you look better

    Hard to give you more specific advice without instances, but in general - a rich man should never have to say he's rich, never flaunt your money, your intelligence, whatever, just let them see it
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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