Hi, I've did the puatraining bootcamp in London, and I must say that I'm impressed with what they do. Before I went there I've been reeding the comments on several forums and I did see some negative comments that made sense to me. Yet I did the course and I'm completely flabbergasted by the result. Originally I 'm someone who is just zero with women. Yet, at the end of the bootcamp I was able to open up 7 women and have good rapport and kino. Not really impressive but if you see where I come from, it's a major step. Everything went quite well as long as I was in English speaking territory. Even on the way home back I've seduced someone. But then came the shock. Once home, my game was lost. Although I've applied everything I knew and did the same things, my approaches were poor. It was like I was used to play lower level (championship) and that all of a sudden I was playing in premier league (higher level of environment). Much more difficult to make an approach, low succes rate, difficult to change functional openers to rapport as well day as night game. While night game went quite well in London, here my night game (in a plain environment) was absolute horror. Without the trainers and without the more open London environment, you're all of a sudden into another world. Anyone experiencing the same ? And how to solve this ? Thanx