So basically about me:
I'm short (5'6), athletic, pretty built (but still only 130 pounds). I am confident, smart, funny, quick witted, and have a ton of friends. However, I still have trouble meeting and closing with girls. I've K-closed on 2 girls in my life (both in the last month). I was wondering if anyone has any tips that apply specifically to high school. I go to a small school, and I know almost all of the girls in my school to the point of friend zone.

Does anyone have any specific tips for highschool game? what should I do to increase my desirability? I am usually the life of the party, but I often times have trouble closing on girls. I think this is due to the fact that I am kind of short and small and they don't take me seriously. Has anyone been in this position? I really want to meet a lot of girls this year and make sure that I am good at meeting women before college. Thanks.