Here’s whats up.

Me and a wing went out in NYC this weekend and found a three set. All of us were drinking (somewhat heavily) and I negged an HBRedhead I liked. My buddy talked up the one he wanted and we both cleared the remaining obstacle. My Redhead escalated kino, so I asked her to dance and got a hand-holding IOI on the way to the dance floor.

I kiss-closed her on the dance floor and we ended up hanging out in the bar late. She shit-tested me, like saying “we could just leave and forget all of this ever happened”. I’d say fine, and we’d end up hooking up some more. At this point she gave me her full name and discussed her workplace, but I just gave her my first name (since some people wouldn’t appreciate my extra-curricular activities). I walked her back to her apartment and hit major LMR at the front door. I tried to freeze her out, but it just wasn’t happening. I ended the night on a push-pull note since I left without getting or giving any contact info.

Since I know where she works, I can find her email address. I want to email HBRedhead, but I don’t want to give her a major IOI (since what worked all night revolved around me not giving a sh1t). Her work email is my only lead since I’m definitely not walking in there. I work about an hour out of the city, so it would be a hike to even get to see this chick. I’d really like to f-close, but can’t figure out a way to phrase an email and how much longer to wait. I definitely don’t want to follow up too quickly or seem anxious.

Advice is appreciated.