So I've got this problem where I have so much pride when i talk to a girl that i am relentlessly trying to avoid looking stupid, and i end up looking overconfident and just plain boring. This pride isolates me from approaching girls, because i am a perfectionist, rather than just saying 'who cares' and approaching her anyway.

I always see my ethnic friend talking with other girls, ethnic girls in particular. He always uses lame openers like the opinion opener.. about relationships..just on completely trivial sh1t. I would end up asking what she thinks and just being like 'oh okay that's great'.. then seeing myself as pathetic, and i wouldn't be able to be convincing enough as i didn't believe i had a valid reason for approaching.. then she would see it and be like 'he's totally trying to pick me up.. what a pathetic excuse'

I see good looking girls everywhere at uni, so I am constantly disappointed when i can't approach. I always walk past and smile and these good looking girls. It is killing me inside and is making me desperate for anything, and affecting me in other aspects of my life. Need to fix this part of my life lol.

What are some good, innovative daygame strategies that have worked for some of you guys (in regards to uni in particular)? Or even ways to look at the prospect of approaching, to convince yourself? See, usually if i'm a little drunk at a club, i will do or say literally farking anything I think of because i will never see these people again. I can alpha male that sh1t big time. At uni, the place is big enough to be strangers with lots of people, but small enough to be sure that you will see them again.. word can travel fast.

I would greatly appreciate anyone's advice! thanks.